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Nagoya University, Graduate School of Environmental Studies
Department of Environmental Engineering and Architecture
Study Unit of Sustainable Urban Development
Phone : +81-(0)52-789-3832
E-mail : (D3, Edwin)


Zip : 464-8603
C1-2(651) Furo-cho, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture


Room 230, 2nd floor, Building 9

About 10-minute walk from Nagoya Daigaku Station (Meijo Line)

from JR Nagoya Station...

Take the Fujigaoka-bound subway train of the Higashiyama (Yellow) Line, then transfer to the Meijo (Purple) Line at Motoyama Station, taking the Yagoto and Aratama-bashi-bound (Clockwise) subway train. Get off at Nagoya Daigaku Station (just the next station after Motoyama). Travel time is approximately 30 minutes (including transfers).

from JR Kanayama Station...

Simply take the Yagoto and Motoyama-bound (Counter-clockwise) subway train of the Meijo (Purple) Line and get off at Nagoya Daigaku Station. Travel time is approximately 25 minutes.

from Chubu (Central Japan) International Airport...

Take the Meitetsu train bound for Nagoya Station. The fastest train is the Rapid Limited Express (additional fee of 350 yen), which only takes 28 minutes from the airport to Nagoya Station. Other train types do not require the additional fee but the travel time will take longer. After getting off at Nagoya Station, transfer to the Higashiyama subway line and follow the directions described above (from Nagoya Station). Travel time is approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes (including transfers and waiting times).

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