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Shown here is the list of completed theses in our laboratory (Bachelor/Master's/Doctoral). To view our list of technical papers published in journals and conference proceedings (both international and domestic), please go to the Publications page.


修士論文 Le HE

A study on platoon dispersion characteristics along multi-lane arterials

卒業論文 Ryutaro HIROSE

A study on the capacity of the All-Way-Stop-Controlled intersection




Analysis of the Characteristics of Platoon Dispersion along a Signalized Corridor

修士論文 Yao FANG

Estimation of Passenger Car Equivalent for Heavy Vehicles Considering Geometric Elements of Roundabouts

修士論文 Ryota ISHIYAMA

A Study on the Requirements for Forming a Functionally Hierarchical Road Network

修士論文 Ang PAN

A Study on Performance of Signalized Intersections with Autonomous Vehicle Mixed Flows

卒業論文 Yoko KAKO

International Comparative Analysis on Car Drivers' Awareness of Traffic Safety


A Study on Delay at Roundabouts Considering Geometric Characteristics


修士論文 Yu WU

A Study on the User Behavior Characteristics at Unsignalized Mid-block Crosswalks

修士論文 Ivy Kristine Sabungey TOQUERO

A Study on Capacity at Signalized Intersections in Metro Manila

博士論文 Keisuke YOSHIOKA A Study on the Safety Performance Evaluation of Roundabout Geometric Design
修士論文 Kento UEDA

Evaluation of the Forms of Intersections with Geometic Constraints

修士論文 Daichi KATO

A Study on Stochastic Breakdown Phenomena in Expressway Lane Drop Sections

修士論文 Hiroki HORI

Evaluation of the Functional Design of Road Space in Urban Central Districts

修士論文 Kazuma WANIBE

A Study on Impact of Autonomous Vehicle Mixture on Traffic Flows at Signalized Intersections

卒業論文 Kengo SUZUKI

A Study on Free Speed Distributions at Intercity Expressway Sections


修士論文 Abdul Hannan HASHEMI

Methodology Development for the Estimation of Saturation Flow Rate at Signalized Intersections by Considering Downstream Conditions

修士論文 Yujia ZHAO

A Study on the Influence of Vehicle Types and Geometric Elements on Roundabout Entry Capacity

修士論文 Abubeker Nemo ARSHI

A Comparative Study on Operational Performance of Four-leg Intersection Control Types

修士論文 John Jowhell Halili

Functionality Assessment of Median Turn Lane Pavement Markings inside Urban Signalized Intersections

卒業論文 Emre ORHAN

A Study on the Impact of AV-HDV Mixed Traffic on Flow Dynamics of Single-lane Motorway

博士論文 Nobuto KANBE A Study on the Impact of Geometric Elements on Roundabout Entry Capacity
博士論文 Xin ZHANG Evaluation of Traffic Signal Phasing Schemes by Using Crossing Pedestrian Flow Models

Developing a Travel Speed Estimation Model along Highways/Streets at the Planning Stage

卒業論文 Ryota ISHIYAMA Evaluation of the Unsignalized Two Stage Crossing on Basic Road Sections


博士論文 Azusa GOTO A Study on Planning Methodology of Functionally Hierarchical Road Network Considering the travel Performance between Centers
博士論文 Kazuki WATANABE A Study on traffic Accident Risk Considering the Road Traffic Environment
修士論文 Kiminori MASHIMA

Estimation of Passenger Car Equivalent of Heavy Vehicles at Roundabout Entries in Japan

卒業論文 Daichi KATO Analysis of the stochastic characteristics of the congestion phenomena in an urban express way section
卒業論文 Kazuma WANIBE A Study on Impacts of the Leading Pedestrian Interval (LPI) on User Behavior


卒業論文 Tetsuya NAGASHIMA Analysis on Vehicle Maneuver Considering Impact of the Geometry at Signalized Intersections


博士論文 Nan KANG A Study on Estimation Methodology for Roundabout Entry Capacity Considering Pedestrian Impact
卒業論文 Ryosuke SHIROSHITA An Impact Analysis of Rebuilding an Existing Signalized Intersection as Modern Roundabout


博士論文 Yong WU A Study on Crash Risk at Expressway Basic Segments and Its Influencing Factors
博士論文 Danpeng MA Analysis on Stochastic Characteristics of Breakdown Phenomena on Intercity Expressway Sections
修士論文 Xi WANG

Analysis of Lane Flow Distribution Characteristics on Intercity Expressways

修士論文 Yuji KAKIMOTO

Development of a Microscopic Traffic Simulation of Station Sites Considering Kss-and-Ride Vehicles

修士論文 Shohei NAKANO

A Study on Roundabout Performance Evaluation Method

卒業論文 Ryohei KATSUTA A Simulation Medel to Evaluate Traffic Management Measures on Nagoya Expressway


博士論文 Minh Tan DANG Development of Microscopic traffic Simulation Moder for Safety Assessment of Signalized Intersections
博士論文 Peng CHEN Estimating Travel Time Variability for Urban Arterial Performance Evaluation
修士論文 Azusa GOTO

Quantitative Evaluation of the Hierarchical Road Network Considering Junction Types

修士論文 Xin ZHANG

A Study on Pedestrian Behavior at Signalized Crosswalks


修士論文 Shingo IWAKAWA

A case study on the design and operation of urban street spaces for better functionality

修士論文 Nan KANG

Modeling the Conflict between Left-turning Vehicles and Pedestrians for the Safety Assessment at Signalized Intersections

修士論文 Masato KOBAYASHI Analysis on Stochastic Characteristics of Capacities at Intercity Expressway Bottlenecks
修士論文 Tatsuo HAYAKAWA A Taxation and Road Investment Method for Hierarchical Reformation of the Road Network
修士論文 Xiaolu HUANG A Study on Vehicle Maneuver in Merging Sections of Urban Expressways
卒業論文 Yuji KAKIMOTO A Study on the Stopping Characteristics of Kiss-and-Ride Vehicles in Station Plazas
卒業論文 Shohei NAKANO Analysis of the Vehicle Behavior in a Roundabout Field Operational Test


博士論文 Wael ALHAJYASEEN Modeling Pedestrian Flows at Signalized Crosswalks and Its Application
博士論文 Kazufumi SUZUKI

Spatiotemporal Modeling of Vehicle Maneuver at Signalized Intersections Considering Road Configuration and Intergreen Time

博士論文 Meng LI

Development and Applications of Adaptive Transit Signal Priority Systems

修士論文 Fumiyasu SHIRAKI A Study on Auxiliary Lane Configuration for Multi-Lane Expressways
修士論文 Kunihiro YUKAWA A Left-turning Vehicle Maneuver Model Considering Intersection Geometry and Pedestrians
修士論文 Keisuke YOSHIOKA An Empirical Study on Practical Deployment of Roundabouts in Japan
卒業論文 Akira OHSAWA Reexamination of Merging Maneuver in Acceleration Lane of Urban Expressway On-ramps
卒業論文 Azusa GOTO Analysis and Modeling of the Driver Behavior during Intergreen Intervals at Signalized Intersections


博士論文 Babak MEHRAN Application of Travel Time Reliability Analysis for Assessing Operational Planning on Expressways
修士論文 Kiminori ISHIGURO A Study on the Impact of Geometric Design and Signal Control on the Behavior of Right-turning Vehicles at Intersections
卒業論文 Masato KOBAYASHI A Study on the Level of Installing Passing Lane for Two-Lane Highways
卒業論文 Tatsuo HAYAKAWA A Study on the Interrelationship between Mobility and Access Functions on Arterial Streets


博士論文 Keshuang TANG A Study on the Evaluation of Group-based Signal Control Policy for Signalized Intersections
博士論文 Taiki MABUCHI A Study on Planning and Design of Roundabouts in Japan
博士論文 Jerome Catbagan Development of a Two-Lane Highway Quality of Service Evaluation Methodology Based on Follower Flow
修士論文 Akira INANO An Analysis on the Stochastic Characteristics of Breakdown on Expressway Sections Including Several Bottlenecks
修士論文 Hiroko SAITO A Study on the Impacts of Land Access Maneuver for Operating Speed on Urban Arterials
修士論文 Youyuan WU A Study on Headway characteristics on Two-Lane Highways
卒業論文 Takafumi KOIDE A Study on Travel Speed Estimation Methodology on Urban Arterials Based on Delays at Signalized Intersections
卒業論文 Keisuke YOSHIOKA A Study on Assessment of Intersection Control Types for Two-way Two-Lane Roads


博士論文 Taisuke UTSUMI A Study on the Traffic-performance-oriented Highway Planning and Design Methodology Considering Hourly Traffic Demand Fluctuation
博士論文 Mohamed Shawky AHMED A Study on Capacity Fluctuation and Breakdown Probability at Urban Expressway Merging Sections

Masamitsu WATANABE

Development of a Reproduction Method of Hourly Traffic Demand Fluctuation for Performance-oriented Highway Planning and Design
修士論文 Maiko NAKAI Establishment of a Performance Evaluation Methodology for Urban Arterials Based on Delay Estimations at Signalized Intersections
卒業論文 Kiminori ISHIGURO Reexamination of Design and Operational Policies
for Small-scale Intersections According to Utilization Characteristics



Takeshi MAKABE

Impact Analysis of a Transit Mall on Surrounding Street Traffic Flows
by Applying the Traffic Simulator INSPECTOR
修士論文 Kenichi ISOWA A Study on Highway Planning and Design Methods Considering Traffic Fluctuation Characteristics
卒業論文 Akira INANO A Study on the Various Impacts on Vehicle Speed in Divided Two-Lane Expressway Sections
卒業論文 Hiroko SAITO A Study on Quantification of Street Level of Service Regarding Land Access




Performance Evaluation Methodology for Signalized Intersections Considering Traffic Conflicts and Delays
修士論文 Kazufumi SUZUKI Development of Multi-functional Video Image Processing System for Traffic Flow Analysis - TrafficAnalyzer
修士論文 Taiki MABUCHI A Study on Performance Evaluation of Roundabouts Considering Traffic Conflicts
修士論文 Kenta NAKANISHI A Study on Evaluation of Level of Service of Divided Two-lane Highway Sections
修士論文 Satoshi YAMAGUCHI A Study on Evaluation Method for Alternative Design and Operation of Signalyzed Intersections
卒業論文 Maiko NAKAI A Study on Geometric Design of Urban Streets Considering the Selective Acceptance of On-street Parking
卒業論文 Masamitsu WATANABE A Study on Vehicle Behavior in Merging Sections on Urban Expressways




A Study on the Methodology of Expressway Travel Time Estimation Utilizing Probe Vehicle Technologies
修士論文 Makoto GOTO A Study on User’s Evaluation of Traffic Condition Based on Driving Characteristics on Arterial Streets
修士論文 Koichi WATANABE A Study on Impact of Variable Graphic Sign Boards on Traffic Flows
卒業論文 Kenichi ISOWA A Model Analysis on Risky Behaviors of Vehicles at the Inter-green Period in Signalized Intersections
卒業論文 Takeshi MAKABE Impact Analysis of Parking Management Policies in Nagoya Sakae District Applying the Network Traffic Simulator INSPECTOR



Yosuke SATO

A Study on Utilization of the Existing Traffic Flow Data for Traffic Management in Nagoya Canurbation Area
修士論文 Takao HIKOSAKA A Study on State of the Art of Probe-Car Data and Their Use
修士論文 Shyamalee M.M.G.V A Study on Applicability of Roundabouts as an Alternative for Intersection Control
卒業論文 Kazufumi SUZUKI Development of a Traffic Simulation System for the Evaluation of Parking Management in Urban Districts
卒業論文 Satoshi YAMAGUCHI A Study on Traffic Flow Phenomena at Signalized Intersections towards Traffic Capacity Management




Development of a Traffic Simulator for the Evaluationof Parking Management In the Urban Central District
修士論文 Takeshi WATANABE Effects of providing transportation information folloing city and transportation attributes
卒業論文 Koichi WATANABE A Study on Effects of Traffic Adaptive Signal Control Using Direct Detection of Delay Time




A Study on Visitor's Destination Choice Behavior by Change in Accessibility and Mobility in Downtown Commercial Districts
修士論文 Koji SUZUKI A Study on Evaluation of Traffic Flow Control Measures on Basic Motorway Sections Using Microscopic Traffic Simulation
修士論文 Hiroki TANAKA Model Analysis on Travel Mode and Tourists' Behavior for Assessment of Transportation Strategies in a Shightseeing Area
卒業論文 Atsushi SAKURAI Model Analysis on the Effect of Parking Control Measures for Shopping Traffic in Urban
卒業論文 Takao HIKOSAKA A Statistical Analysis of the Relationship between Traffic Flow Condition and Accident Rate on Basic Motorway Section



Takashi MIYAKI

An Analysis on Effects of Area-wide Parking Management Strategies in an Urban Commercial District
卒業論文 Tatsuhito HIRAMATSU Evaluation of the Dynamic Park and Ride Information Strategy Using Microscopic Traffic Simulation
卒業論文 Masayoshi TAKEUCHI A Reproduction Method of Overtaking Vehicle Trajectories with Onboard Video-Cameras



Taisuke UTSUMI

An Evaluation Model for the Inter-modal Urban Transportation Policy Package
卒業論文 Koji Suzuki Analysis of the Relationship between Traffic Condition on Highway and Driver's Satisfaction
卒業論文 Hiroki TANAKA An Analysis of the Influence of Diverging Vehicles into Road Side Facilities on the Street Traffic




A Study on Applicability of Dynamic Park and Ride in Nagoya Metoropolitan Area
修士論文 Toru FUTAMURA A Study on the Method for Evaluation of Road Cross-sectional Structure on Inter-city Highways
卒業論文 Yuichi KINUTA Analysis of On-Street Parking Demand and its Explanation by Zone in Urban Areas
卒業論文 Makiko FUKUOKA A Leisure Trip Model and its Incorporation into a System for Assessing Traffic Strategies in Recreational Areas


卒業論文 Taisuke UTSUMI Impact Analysis by Construction of Riging Road
卒業論文 Nobuki MASUDA A Historical Review of Change in Urban Railway Providing Systems and Railway Transport Demand




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