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Recent activities of the Nakamura Laboratory, which are mainly research-related. For information about student life in our lab, please refer to the Students' section.


As for our detailed activities, please click here(Japanese page).





December 26 : Winter Seminar

The winter seminar was held. All students reported their progress specially students who their graduation was in February 2009.

December 19 : Laboratory's year-end party was held

Everyone talked about his achievements during the last year and what he want to do during next year. Every one of us was full of hope and strong well to work hard and achieve our desired targets.

December 5 : The Best Technical Research & Development Award in New Road Technical Meeting

Our laboratory won "The Best Technical Research & Development Award" in New Road Technical Meeting for fiscal 2008. The New Road Technical Meeting is a committee being set up by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport so that the quality of the road policy may improve.

November 29 - December 4 Prof. Nakamura gave presentation in Vietnam

Prof. Nakamura visited University of Communication and Transport in Hanoi / Vietnam after he received an invitation to attend the conference of "Urban Tranport Planning and Management: International experiences and Possibility of Application in Vietnam" where he gave presentation.

November 13 - 14 : 28th Conference of Japan Society of Traffic Engineering(JSTE)

November 2 - 3 : 38th Infrastructure Planning Conference of the Japan Society of Civil Engineers (JSCE) at Wakayama University

September 25 - 26 : Networks for Mobility 4th Internationl Symposium in Stuttgart, Germany

Prof. Nakamura and Mr. Tang has participated in the 4th Internationl Symposium "Networks for Mobility" at Stuttgart in Germany.

September 22 : A Farewell Party for Mr. Tang

We held a farewell party for Mr. Tang. He moved to Institute of Industrial Science, the University of Tokyo, as JSPS postdoctoral researcher.

September 15 - 19 : Joint Summer Seminar at Gotemba-Fuji with Darmstadt University of Technology, Germany.

August 28 : Doctoral Dissertation Presentation by Mr. Tang

Dissertation title is "A Study on the Evaluation of Group-Based Signal Control Policy for Signalized Intersections".

August 8 : Summer Seminar (Research Presentation)

July 3 : A Farewell Party to Dr. Jerome Catbagan

We held a farewell party to Dr. Jerome Catbagan. He moved to Australia where he will work at a company called Snowy Mountains Engineering Corporation.

June 21 : Celebration Party for Dr. Suzuki's promotion

We held a celebration party for Dr. SUZUKI Koji of Nagoya Institute of Technology because he promoted to Associate Professor. Many students and past members joined the party.

June 6 - 7 : 37th Infrastructure Planning Conference of the Japan Society of Civil Engineers (JSCE) at Hokkaido University

May 18 - 21 : TRB 2nd National Roundabout Conference, Kansas City, USA

Prof. Nakamura attended the TRB 2nd National Roundabout Conference which was held at Kansas City, USA. Prof. Nakamura reported research activities regarding roundabouts in Japan.

April 25 : Welcome Party and Good-bye Party

We held a welcome party for the new comers and good-bye party for Michael and Fabian from Germany.

April 17 : The Presentation Award of Chubu Branch of JSCE

Mr. Inano won the presentation award.

April 5 : Cherry Blossom Viewing Party at Heiwa Park

All students and some of the graduated students joined the party.

March 25 : Graduation Ceremony

March 21 : Mr. Mabuchi Final Doctoral presentation and Goodbye party

March 7 : Japan Society of Civil Engineers (JSCE) - Chubu Branch, Conference at Kanazawa University

February 26 - March 2 : Workshop and International Congress "Traffic and Transport 2030", Darmstadt, Germany. Prof. Nakamura was one of the invited speakers.

February 21 : Public Presentation of Doctoral Dissertation - Jerome Catbagan


February 14 - 15 : Thesis Defense of Master Course Students

After the presentations of the undergraduate students, the public presentations (thesis defense) of the master's students were held.

Mr. Akira Inano's (M2) Presentation

February 13 : Thesis Defense of Undergraduate Students

The final thesis presentations of Mr. Takafumi Koide and Keisuke Yoshioka were held.

February 10 - 11 : Laboratory Ski-Trip at Happo One in Nagano

February 3 : Nagoya City, Hirokoji Renassaince Symposium at Kojo Hall in Nagoya


January 8 : New Year Party & Farewell Party for Mr. Mohamed Shawky

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Welcome 2008!
We also say goodbye to Dr. Mohamed Shawky, who recently completed the doctoral program for civil engineering and will be returning to Egypt soon.

Good luck on your return to Egypt, Dr. Shawky! :)

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