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Recent activities of the Nakamura Laboratory, which are mainly research-related. For information about student life in our lab, please refer to the Students' section.


As for our detailed activities, please click here(Japanese page).





December 27Midterm presentation with Hayashi-Kato Lab. in winter

Midterm seminar was held with Hayashi-Kato Laboratory and seven students in our Lab. presented their research objective and current progress.
It would be quite helpful for their future works even writing their thesis.

First presenter!!

December 21:Year End Party

We held the year end party.
All members reflected what happened in 2010 and enjoyed the party together with some old boys of the lab.

More detail is shown here(Japanese)

November21~23:JSCE IP Conference @Yamanashi University

JSCE IP Conference was held at Yamanashi University.
Our presenters, Dr. Asano, Mr. Chen (D2), Ms. Goto (M1), and Mr. Kakimoto(B4) presented their current research topics and got lots of precious comments from many researchers.
Titles of their papers are listed here
Comments of the participants are shown here (in Japanese)

Now, let's discuss!!

November14 : Article of the newspaper on Prof. Nakamura

Prof. Nakamura was interviewed by Chunichi Newspaper. The article was published on Monday, 14th November.

November 12:Prof.Nakamura appeared on TV

In a TV program "ANCHOR Super News Ancher" broadcast by KTV, Prof. Nakamura talked about the advantage of Roundabout.


October10 Article of the newspaper on Prof. Nakamura and the social experiment of Roundabout in Iida city

Prof. Nakamura was interviewed about the social experiment of Roundabout in Iida city Roundabout by Mainichi Newspaper. The article was published on Monday, 25th October.
Link to the article on the web is here (in Japanese)

October 12 Welcome Event

We welcomed our newcomer Chu(D1, from Vietnam)

About my master thesis...

October 4~8
Joint Seminar on Transport Planning and Traffic Engineering in Shanghai

The Joint Seminar was held in Shanghai, China together with Tonji University(China)Darmstadt University of Technology(Germany), and University of Transport and Communications(Vietnam).

Not only our members, Prof. Nakamura, Assistant Prof. Asano, Dr. Alhajyaseen, and some students but also our farmer members, Dr. Tang(University of Tokyo), Associate Prof. Li(Qinghua University) joined the seminar and presented their current research topic.
It was very fruitful that we could exchange our ideas and communicate very internationally.

Students' impressions are here.

More than 29 participants joined intensively!!

Interchange @ Wuzhen (historical city near Shanghai)

September 21~22 30th JSTE ConferenceToyo University

JSTE Conference was held at Toyo University.
As our formar members, Mr. Shiraki presented his research findings and results in master theses.

To get more information about their published papers, please refer to this page.

August 6~9:Summer SeminarShizuoka

We went to Shizuoka for the Summer Seminar 2010
Research topics mainly for B4, M2, and doctoral students were intensively discussed
Students' activities are here (Japanese).


In front of Hotel
Minshuku-Okuooi (Where we stayed)

July 26Midterm presentation with Hayashi-Kato Lab. in Summer

Midterm seminar was held with Hayashi-Kato Laboratory and seven students in our Lab. presented their research objective and current progress.
Kind comments and suggestions from Prof. Hayashi, Assistant Prof. Kato, and other Doctors were very helpful for their future work and greatly appreciated by all the students.

Therefore my objective is...

July 11-1512thWCTR @Lisbon

Prof. Nakamura, Dr. Asano, and Dr. Alhajyaseen attended the World Conference on Transport Research in Lisbon.

To get more information about their published papers, please refer to this page


June 18Technical visit

Supported by Central Nippon Expressway Company, we could visit to the traffic control center in Ichinomiya, and were very impressive by real control systems and charging facilities. The visit served us very precious experience and made us more interested in traffic management.

Student's impression is here (Japanese).

Control Systems

We love road!!

June 17Lecture by Dr. Nonaka (Highway Panning Inc.)

As a part of the course of “Project in Civil Engineering A”, Dr. Nonaka, who is a manager of technical department in Highway Planning Inc., was invited by Prof. Nakamura and gave us a lecture.
The lecture was titled “The progress and vista of the road design technology”, which presented lots of attractive contents, for example, the history of the road, clothoid curve, and Ethics of Engineers.

What is important for Engineers...

June 5-6 :JSCE IP Conference @Nagoya Institute of Technology

JSCE IP Conference was held at Nagoya Institute of Technology.
Our presentor, Dr. Asano, Mr. Dang (D1), and Ms. Kang (M2), together with other students attended the conference and communicated with other researchers in the field of civil engineering.
As our formar members, Dr. Suzuki, Mr. Yukawa, Mr. Yoshioka also came to Nagoya and presented their research findings and results in graduation theses.

"Pavement Marking Treatments on Intersection Approaches
with Exclusive Right-turn Lanes"

May 21 :Mid-term examination (M2)

Mid-turm examination for M2 students was held together with Yamamoto Laboratory.
Our five M2 students reported their own research framework and progress.
Especially, NUGELP students made their presentation and held discussion in English.

presentation by Ms.Kang
What I want to do is...

May 10 :Award

Our member, Ms.Goto(M1) was awarded by JSCE Chubu-branch.

 I'm really surprised at this award because it was the first time for me to present in conference.
 Thanks to support from parties of Kanazawa Technical Institute and JSCE, I didn’t feel any nervous during presentation.In addition, I want to express my thanks to many people for kind support for video observation. Without their cooperation, I cannot finish my research.
 It is a great honor that many support provided by Prof. Nakamura, Dr. Asano, Dr. Suzuki, and a lot of friends led to this prize. Thank you very much.This prize will encourage me to make further progress!

Thank you for your support!!

April 30:Welcome Party


Where is your hometown?
Where is your hometown?

April 4:Cherry-Blossom Viewing Party

On a sunny spring day, our Lab held the annual cherry-blossom viewing party in Heiwa Park. Besides current members, some friends and guests also joined the party. Under fully-bloomed cherry blossoms against blue sky, we really enjoyed drinking, playing and chatting like a big family.

under the full bloom
Let's start our new achademic year with smiles!

April 1:Prof.Nakamura appeared on TV

In a TV program "Kininaru-Gimon Kaiketsu Kensaku@Best Answer" broadcast by NTV, Prof. Nakamura answered the question with great interest: Why are pedestrian crosswalks painted like zebra?


March 25 : Graduation Ceremony, Thank-youParty

2 undergraduates, 3 masters, and 3 doctors graduated from our lab. Congraturations!  

At ceremony
We got the Doctor Degree!

Nakamura Lab.

March 12:Farewell Party

The party was held for graduates who would leave our lab in the end of this semester. We sent them flower bouquets and message cards for the farewell.  

Moritz,Never forget us!
Good Luck and See you again!

March 1:Annual JSCE-Chubu branch Conference@Kanazawa

Annual JSCE-Chubu branch Conference was held at Kanazawa Institute of Technology. Our members, Mr. Shiraki(M2), Mr. Yukawa(M2), Mr. Yoshioka(M2), Ms.Goto(B4), and Mr.Moritz attended and make presentations.  

Mr.Yoshioka's presentation
Any questions?

February 22:Final Defense and Public Hearing of Doctoral Dissertations

Mr. Alhayjaseen (D3), Mr. Li (RS) and Mr. Suzuki (Research Fellow) presented their doctoral dissertations in public hearing. After that, a celebration party was held for the 3 new doctors in our lab.

Mr.Li's presentation

Wael,Meng,and Kazu
9th Doctors of Nakamura Lab!!

February 10:Thesis Defense of Master Students

The final thesis defense of Mr. Shiraki, Mr. Yukawa and Mr. Yoshioka was held. They presented the research findings and results during the period of their graduate study.


February 9:Thesis Presentation of Undergraduate Students

The final thesis presentations of Mr. Osawa and Ms. Goto were held.


January 8-18:89th TRB Annual Meeting

Prof. Nakamura and Mr. Li (RS) attended the Transportation Research Board 89th Annual Meeting in Washington DC, USA. Former members of our lab., Dr. Wang (YNU) and Dr. Tang (U Tokyo) also attended. The interchange with researchers worldwide is active and fruitful. To get more information about their presentations, please refer to this page.

poster session

January 7:New Year Party

Happy New Year!! We sincerely wish your happiness, pleasure and success for the whole world.

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