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Recent activities of the Nakamura Laboratory, which are mainly research-related.
For information about student life in our lab, please refer to the Students' section.


As for our detailed activities, please click here(Japanese page).





December 27: Year-end presentation with Hayashi-Kato Lab.

Year-end presentation was held together with Hayashi-Kato Laboratory.
Mr. Zeng (D2) and Mr. Shiroshita (B4) from our lab presented their research framework and progress, and received some significant comments from professors.

Mr. Shiroshita's first presentation about his Bachlor thesis

December 06~11: International Doctoral Seminar 2013 in Kharagpur

The International Doctoral Seminar was held in Kharagpur and Kolkata, India by traffic and transport institutes of four universities: Technische Universitaet Darmstadt (Germany), Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur (India), Tongji University (China) and Nagoya University (Japan).
Prof.Nakamura and Ms. Goto joined the seminar, and enjoed exchanging not only their research topics but also cultures, ideas, feelings and so on.
We would like to sincerely appreciate Prof. Bhargab Maitra, the host of this event, the students of IIT Kharagpur, and those who kindly arranged and supported this wounderful experience.


Group photo of all participants

November 25: JSTE 7th Symposium "Desired Way of Road Planning and Design ~Now is the time to consider the function of roads and their performance~"

The 7th symposium of Japan Society of Traffic Engineers was held in Sapporo, Hokkaido. At the symposium, future directions of road planning and design are explained and discussed, as well as the state-of-the-art of road network in Hokkaido.

Prof. Nakamura gave an opening speech


November 02~04: JSCE 48th IP Conference

JSCE 47th Conference on Infrastructure Planning and Management was held in Osaka City University. Prof. Nakamura served as a modelator in the session "Traffic accident analysis". Mr. Watanabe made a presentation about a study on the right-turning vehicle manuever at the signalized intersections, which tile is listed in the "Publications" (in Japanese).

October 30: Final Defence and Public Hearing of a Doctoral Dissertation

Mr. Wu (D3) presented his doctral dissertation in public hearing. The tile of his disseration is listed in the "thesis page"

This is my final result!


October 19: The 13th Nakamura Cup

The 13th Nakamura cup, a golf competition of our lab was held in Nagano as an annual event.


September 27: Certification ceremony

The certification ceremony in the summer semister 2013 was held in Nagoya University. Mr. Danpeng MA finally got a Doctor Degree, and became the 14th Doctor from Nakamura Lab. On behalf of Dr. Ma, we would like to sincerely appreciate all of those who has supported his achademic life. Thank you!!


September 17~18: The 33rd JSTE Conference

The 33rd Conference of Japan Society of Traffic Engineering was held at Nihon-University. Ms. Wang who graduated from our lab last March made a presentation on her Master thesis. Titles of presentations related to our lab are listed in "Publications" (in Japanese).

September 09~12: The 10th EASTS Conference 2013 in Taipei

The 10th Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies (EASTS) Conference was held in Taipei, Taiwan, and Prof. Nakamura, Ms. Zhang, Mr. Wu (D3), Ms. Kang (D3) and Mr. Zeng (D1) joined from our lab. It was a really nice opportunity to enhance their view of research through the discussion and communication with other researchers and engineers from various countries. Titles of their papers are listed in this page. It was a happy news that Ms. Kang got the "Outstanding poster presentation award".

Nakamura lab in Taiwai!!



Ms. Kang and Professor

September 02~04: Summer Seminar in Hakuba

The summer seminar 2013 was held in Hakuba-village, Nagano-prefecture.
We intensively discussed each topic of all students and staffs.

Intensive discussion!!


View at Happo-One

August 27: Final Defence and Public Hearing of a Doctoral Dissertation

Mr. Ma (D3) finally presented his doctral dissertation in public hearing. The tile of his disseration is listed in the "thesis page"

This is my final result!


Mr. Ma (soon will be Dr. Ma!?)

July 15~18: WCTR 2013 @Rio de Janeiro

The 13th World Conference on Transport Research (WCTR) was held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Prof. Nakamura, Ms. Zhang, Mr. Wu (D3) and Ms. Goto(M2) presented their research topics either orally or with posters.
The titles of their papers presented in this conference are listed on this page.

Kick-off presentation by Mr. Wu!!


Welcome to our poster sessions.

July 4: Lecture by Dr. Nonaka (Highway Panning Inc.)

As a part of the course of “Project in Civil Engineering A”, Dr. Nonaka, who is a director of Highway Planning Inc., was invited by Prof. Nakamura and gave us a lecture. The lecture was titled “The needs for the analysis of road traffic phenomena and the trend of traffic data collection”.

June 1~2: JSCE 47th IP Conference @Hiroshima Institute of Technology

JSCE 47th Conference on Infrastructure Planning and Management was held in Hiroshima Institute of Technology.
Dr. Chen, Ms. Zhang, Mr. Ma(D3), Ms. Kang(D3) and Ms. Goto(D2) made presentations on their research topics. Discussion with various participants from not only achademic but also practical field gave them thoughtful considerations on the needs of their studies and their future research direction.
The title of their presentations are listed on this page.

Thank you for coming from the early morning!!

At Hiroshima Institute of Technology

May 1 Articles on roundabout deployment in Japan

The article on the roundabout deployment at Towa-cho, Iida-city, Nagano-prefecture appeared in "Nikkei Construction" magazine on 22nd April. Furthermore, a nationwide page of Nikkei Newspaper (1st May) tells current activities for installing roundabouts in Japan.

Can roundabouts become popular in Japan!?!?

March 25: The Graduation ceremony and party

Our members, Mr. Kakimoto, Mr. Nakano and Ms. Wang (M2) got masters' degree and Mr. Katsuta (B4) got bachlor degree from the department of Civil Engineering, Nagoya University. After the ceremony, the graduation party was held together with all members of the faculty of Civil Engineering. Congratulations!


March 8: Annual JSCE Chubu-branch Conference @Aichi Institute of Technology

Annual JSCE-Chubu branch Conference was held at Yakusa-Campus of Aichi Institute of Technology, and Ms. Wang (M2) and Mr. Zeng (D1) made presentations. The title of their presentations are listed here .

The first experience to attend a conference in Japan!!

February 5, 7~8: Thesis presentations

The final presentations of undergraduate and master students were held. Mr. Katsuta (B4), Mr. Kakimoto (M2), Mr. Nakano(M2) and Ms. Wang (M2) presented their study results in English. Titles of their thesis are shown in this page

Yes, I could!!

February 3: Article of the newspaper on the conversion of a signalized intersection at Towa-cho into a roundabout

The article on the conversion of a signalized intersection at Towa-cho, Iida-city, Nagano-prefecture into a roundabout is published by Chunichi Newspaper on Sunday, 3rd, February.This is the first experience in Japan to remove traffic lights at existing signalized intersection for indtoducing roundaobut. Prof. Nakamura was interviewed in this article, too. If you are interested in, please refer to this page (sorry, in Japanese only)

Attention, please!!

January 14~17: 92nd TRB Annual Meeting

Prof. Nakamura, Mr. Ma (D3) and Ms. Goto (D1) attended the Transportation Research Board 92nd Annual Meeting in Washington D.C., USA. To get more information about their presentations, please refer to this page.

Welcome to my poster!!

January 1:Happy New Year

Happy New Year!! We sincerely wish happiness, pleasure and success for the whole world.

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