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Recent activities of the Nakamura Laboratory, which are mainly research-related.
For information about student life in our lab, please refer to the Students' section.


As for our detailed activities, please click here(Japanese page).





December 26: Year-end presentation with Hayashi-Kato Lab.

Midterm presentation was held together with Hayashi-Kato Laboratory, as a semi-annual event.
Seven students from our lab presented their research framework and progress, and received some significant comments from professors.


December 21: Year-end party

The year-end party was held. Everyone had much fun with delicious Korean dishes. Fortunatelly, some guests and alumni also joined us and enjoyed chatting together.

December 10~14: International Doctoral Seminar 2012 in Kleinwalsertal

The International Doctoral Seminar was held in Kleinwalsertal, Austria by traffic and transport institutes of five universities: Technische Universitaet Darmstadt (Germany), Nagoya University (Japan), Tongji University (China), Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur (India), and Vietnamese-German University (Vietnam).
Prof.Nakamura together with four doctoral students in our lab (Wu, Chu, Kang and Goto) joined the seminar.
The doctoral students made presentations on their research topic and progress, and obtained valuable comments on. It was a quite good opportunity for them not only to have experiences of international presentation and discussion but also to enhance their personal and professional network with other professors and young participants.

I would like you to understand
 the problem of Japanese road network...!!

Thank you so much for everyone!!

December 5~7: J-RAIL 2012

J-RAIL 2012 was held in the Institute of Industrial Science, the University of Tokyo. Kakimoto (M2) attended this symposium and presented his research topic on the station sites. The title of his papers are shown here.

December 4: JSTE 6th Symposium
"Desired Way of Road Planning and Design ~Now is the time to consider the function of roads and their performance~"

The 6th symposium of Japan Society of Traffic Engineers was held in Fukuoka.
With approximately 120 participants, several professors and experts gave speeches and panel discussion on the current state, problems and desired way of road network planning and design. Discussions and activities of "Highway Capacity and Quality Service Group" of JSTE, in which Prof. Nakamura takes the chair, are also introduced.

November2~7: JSCE 46th IP Conference @Saitama University

JSCE IP Conference was held at Saitama University.Mr. Wu (D3), Mr. Chu (D3) and Ms. Kang (D2) presented their current research and got lots of valuable comments from many researchers. The titles of their papers are shown here.

October 29~30: WCTRS SIG 15 meeting

Co-chaired by Prof. Hideki Nakamura (Nagoya University, Japan) and Prof. Manfred Boltze (Darmstadt University of Technology, Germany), WCTRS Special Interest Group (SIG) 15 on Urban Traffic Control held its second workshop and meeting at Darmstadt, Germany. Distinguished scholars and researchers from all over the world (e.g. Germany, the Netherlands, America, China, Australia, India, Korea and Japan) attended this meeting and had a heated discussion especially on intergreen setting at signalized intersections. In addition, a technical tour to traffic control centre has been organized after the meeting.

October 15: Welcome Party

A welcome party was held for our four newcomers: Mr. Sugiarto (D1), Mr. Zeng (D1), Mr. Gong (RS) and Mr. Shiroshita (B3). Each member introduced his/herself one by one, and we really celebrated new members of our interchange family. 

October 13: The 12th Nakamura Cup

The 12th Nakamura Cup was held as an annual event of the lab. Under the clear autmun sky, we enjoyed playing golf together with our alumni.

Who won the game??

September 27: Graduation ceremony

Graduation ceremony was held in Nagoya University, and Mr. Chen and Mr. Dang got Doctor Degrees. We celebrated the 12th doctors from Nakamura Laboratory.


September 20~21: IATSS 2012 International Workshop

Several memebers of our lab attended a symposium :IATSS 2012 International Workshop held in the United Nations University. If you are interested in the details of this symposium, please reffer to IATSS's website.

September 18~19: The 32th JSTE Conference

The 32th Conference of Japan Society of Traffic Engineering was held at Toyo-University. Assistant Prof. Asano made a presentation and got an award. Titles of presentations related to our lab are listed "Publications" page. Furthermore, the information of Dr. Asano's award is listed here

September 5~7: JSCE 2012 Annual Meeting

Japan Society of Civil Engineering 2012 Annual Meeting was held in Nagoya University. As a part of international program of this meeting, the 14th international summer symposium was also held, and Mr. Wu (D3) and Mr. Chu(D2) from our lab made presentations on their studies. And Mr. Wu was given the Excellent Presentation Award. Furthermore, the information of Mr. Wu's award is listed here.Their titles are referred to this page

Mr. Chu's presentation!

Mr. Wu's Excellent Presentation Award!

August 31: Techno-Fair in Nagoya University, 2012

The "Techno-Fair 2012" was held to introduce researches in Nagoya University to private companies. Our lab introduced the topics related to the design and operation of intersections for traffic safety.

August 30: Final Defense and Public Hearing of Doctoral Dissertations

Mr. Chen and Mr. Dang (D3) presented their doctoral dissertations in public hearing. The titles of their dissertations are listed in the "thesis page".

Mr. Dang's presentation

Mr. Chen's presentation

August 8-10: The University's Open Day for high school students 

Nagoya University was opened for high school students from 8th to 10th, August. We exhibited our research topics on the poster sessions of the Faculty of Civil Engineering. Furthermore, Dr. Asano displayed one of her research topics "A Study on Pedestrian Crossing Behavior at Signalized Crosswalks during Signal Change Intervals" on the poster at the Science Forum for Young Female Researchers, and got an award by vote!

We welcome all new students with great furtures!!


August 5-7: Summer seminar in Hiraya

The summer seminar 2012 was held in Hiraya-village, Nagano-prefecture.
We intensively discussed each topic of all students. Hiraya-village, where we stayed, was so nice place to not only concentrate on our discussion but also enjoy the environment. In the night, some members of the municipal office of Iida-city in Nagano-prefecture kindly visited us and enjoyed barbeque together. Actually we have cooperated in the research activities on roundabouts since several years ago. Their positive ways of making actions always encourages us so much.
This time, they also provided a great opportunity to visit two construction sites in Iida-city by cooperating with Iida Public Works Office of Nagano-prefecture. One was the construction of city plannig road, HabaOhsegi-line; and the other was the renewal of Matsukawa dam. We were impressed so much to see what're going on in practice, which could not be experienced by just staying in the lab.
Students activities are here.

Sunflowers were at best!!

We really appreciate all people
 who supported this summer seminar!!

July 31: Midterm presentation with Hayashi-Kato Lab. in summer 

Midterm presentation was held together with Hayashi-Kato Laboratory, as a semi-annual event.
The students who are going to submit their thesis in this semister presented their research framework. This opportunity enable us to enlarge their viewpoint of researches through discussing with staffs and students of Hyashi-Kato Lab.

Prof. Hayashi couldn't help standing up to give a comment...!!

July 11: Nagoya University Summer Intensive Program(NUSIP2012) 

In order to facilitate academic exchanges with overseas universities, a program named Nagoya University Summer Intensive Program (NUSIP2012) has been carried out by the School of Engineering, Nagoya University. For that also Prof. Nakamura gave a lecture on traffic flow characteristics to the international students.

June 27: Lecture by Dr. Nonaka (Highway Panning Inc.)

As a part of the course of “Project in Civil Engineering A”, Dr. Nonaka, who is a manager of technical department in Highway Planning Inc., was invited by Prof. Nakamura and gave us a lecture.
The lecture was titled “Reconsideration of Road Function and Highway Planning, -the State of the Arts-”, which reminds us the role of roads and current problem statement with various contents.

June 19-22: TRB Innovations in Traffic Flow Theory and Characteristics, and Highway Capacity and Quality of Service Symposium (Florida, the USA)

We attended the joint meeting and research symposium held by two committees of Transportation Research Board: Commuttee on Highway Capacity and Quality of Service (AHB40) and Traffic Flow Theory and Characteristics (AHB45), in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Mr. Chen (D3) and Ms. Goto (D1) made presentations and discussed with international participants.

This was her first presentation at the international opportunity

June 9: Nakamura Cup in spring

We held a golf competition "Nakamura Cup" with previous members of our lab. Unfortunately it was raining, but we enjoyed playing golf as well as communicating with each other.

Please guess who won the game.

June 6: Mid-term examinations of Master/Doctor Course

Mid-term examination of Master was done together with Prof. Yamamoto, Associate Prof. Miwa and their laboratory members. M2 students and Mr. Chu (D2) reported their research plan and progress.

English presentation by NUGELP students!

A presentation of Mr. Chu

June 2~3: JSCE 45th IP Conference @Kyoto University

JSCE IP Conference was held at Kyoto University.
Assistant Prof. Asano made a presentation on a case study of functionally hierarchical network evaluation considering different types of junctions. Titles of the papers related to our laboratory are shown here

Welcome to the conference…

A presentation of Dr. Asano

April 8: Cherry-Blossom Viewing Party 2012

On a sunny spring day, our Lab held the annual cherry-blossom viewing party in Heiwa Park. Besides current members, some alumni and families also joined the party. We really enjoyed drinking, playing and chatting like a big family.

Our smiles also bloomed!!

March 26: The certification ceremony and the graduation party

Our members, Goto and Zhang (M2) got masters' degree from the department of Civil Engineering, Nagoya University. After the certification ceremony, the graduation party was held together with all members of the faculty of Civil Engineering. Congratulations!

group photo of the lab taken in the graduation party

Two masters in 2012, Nakamura lab.

March 08: Annual JSCE Chubu-branch Conference @Shinshu University

Annual JSCE-Chubu branch Conference was held at Shinshu University, Nagano. Our members, Mr. Ma(D3), Ms. Goto, Ms. Zhang(M2) and Ms. Wang(M1) presented their researches. The titles of their presentations are listed here.

February 20: Special lecture by Dr. Khuat Viet Hung from University of Transport and Communication, Hanoi, Vietnam

A lecture by Dr. Khuat Viet Hung from University of Transport and Communication, Hanoi, Vietnam was taken place. The lecture was titled "Urban Transport Planning in Vietnam: Issues and Perspectives", and introduced the situation of Hanoi as a motorcycle dependent city, issues on transportation planning and future perspectives.

February 9~10: Master Thesis Presentations

The final presentations of master students were held. Two students in our lab presented their study results in English.
Titles of their thesis are shown in this page

Finally, I developed this model!!!

January 20~27:91st TRB Annual Meeting

Prof. Nakamura, Dr. Asano and Mr. Dang (D3) attended the Transportation Research Board 91st Annual Meeting in Washington DC, USA. To get more information about their presentations, please refer to this page.

Please ask any question!!

January 10: Prof. Nakamura appeared on TV

In a TV program "news every." broadcast by Chukyo TV, Prof. Nakamura talked about the advantage of Roundabout.
You can see this on the website of "news every." until next month. Don't miss it!!


January 1:Happy New Year

Happy New Year!! We sincerely wish happiness, pleasure and success for the whole world.

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