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Recent activities of the Nakamura Laboratory, which are mainly research-related.
For information about student life in our lab, please refer to the Students' section.


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December 26: Year-end presentation with Hayashi-Kato-Nakamura Lab.

Year-end presentation was held together with Hayashi-Kato Laboratory.
Mr. Nagashima (B4) from our lab presented his research framework and progress, and received some significant questions and comments from professors.

After the presentations, we had a joint party!

December07~12: International Doctoral Seminar (IDS) 2014 @Nagoya

The International Doctoral Seminar (IDS) has been annually held by institutes on traffic and transport of five universities: Technische Universitaet Darmstadt (Germany), Nagoya University (Japan), Tongji University (China), Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur (India), and Vietnamese-German University (Vietnam), and the 10th seminar was held in this year at Nagoya University. We, total 34 participants, spent fruitful time for discussing the research topics from every participants intensively, as well as for technical site visits which told the state-of-art of transportation system in Nagoya. We would like to express our great appreciation to all participants of the IDS as well as those who kindly supported our activities!

  Thank you for visiting Nagoya!

November 01~03: JSCE 50th IP Conference @Tottori University

The Conference on Infrastructure Planning and Management by Japan Society of Civil Engineers (JSCE) was held in Tottori University. Prof. Nakamura, Assist. Prof. Goto and Dr. Kang presented their ongoing research topics, and other three memebers from our lab also joined the conference and contributed discussions. Titles of their presentations are listed here (in Japanese).

 Prof. Nakamura's presentation

 In front of Tottori University!

October 25: The 14th Nakamura Cup

The Golf tournament cup named "Nakamura Cup" was held under beautiful autumun wheather. We all, not only students and staffs of our lab but also alumni and their family enjoyed sports, chatting, eating and drinking!

Let's get together again in the next year!

September 29: Graduation Ceremony

Graduation ceremony was held in Nagoya University, and Ms. Kang got a Doctor Degree. We celebrated the 16th doctor from Nakamura Laboratory.


September 3~5: Summer Seminar of the Lab

We went to Izu-Peninsula, Sizuoka-prefecture for the summer seminar. During the seminar, we made intensive discussion on each student topic and studied on "delay" at intersections for understanding the importance of performance evaluation. We could also join the field study in Izu-city and Yaizu-city, and learned a lot from observing the real traffic situation. Furthermore, of course, we enjoyed eating very fresh seafishes, sightseeing of Blue Grotto, taking a walk along calm beach, playing fireworks and so on. We would like to express our great appreciation to all of those who supported this seminar, thank you!!

A beautiful landsape

August 7~8: 34th JSTE Conference

The 34th Conference of Japan Society of Traffic Engineers (JSTE) was held in Surugadai Campus of Nihon University, Tokyo. Assist. Prof. Goto presented her research and disscussed various topics with other participants. Title of her presentation is listed in this page (in Japanese)

August 6: The University's Open Day for high school students 

The School of Engineering, Nagoya University was opened for high school students on 6th August. We exhibited our research topics on the poster sessions of the Faculty of Civil Engineering.

Do you know what intersection this is??

August 1~3: The 9th ICTTS @ShaoXing, China 

The 9th International Conference on Traffic and Transportation Studies was held in ShaoXin City, ZheJiang Prefecture, China. Mr. Kang made a presentation on the capacity estimation method at roundabouts. The tile of her paper is listed in this page.

August 1: Summer Midterm Presentation with Hayashi-Kato Lab.

Midterm presentation was held together with Hayashi-Kato Laboratory, as a semi-annual event.
The students who are going to submit their thesis in this achademic year presented their research framework. This opportunity enable us to enlarge their viewpoint of researches through discussing with staffs and students of Hyashi-Kato Lab.

Had lots of comments! Thank you.

June 24: Final Defence and Public Hearing of a Doctoral Dissertation

Ms. Kang (D3) presented her doctoral dissertation in public hearing. Many guests kindly came to listen her presentation, which is one of the most up-to-date research results regarding roundabout in Japan. The tile of her disseration is listed in this page

Great appreciation for your attendance

Finally, I've done!!

June 7~8: JSCE 49th IP Conference @Tohoku Institute of Technology

The 49th Conference on Infrastructure Planning and Management was held by Japan Society of Civil Engineering (JSCE), in Tohoku Institute of Techonology. Asst. Prof. Goto, Ms. Zhang and Ms. Kang presented their researches and made a fruitsful discussions with other participants. Titles of their presentations are listed on this page.

Passionate gesture with presentation...!

April 16~18: The 4th International Conference on Roundabouts

The 4th International Conference on Roundabouts was held in Seattle, Washington, the United States. In the conference, Prof. Nakamura made his speech on the state-of-the-art of roundabouts in Japan, and Ms. Kang (C3) made a poster presentation, which title was "Estimation of Roundabout Entry Capacity Considering the Impact of Pedestrians".

Welcome to our poster. Any question??

April 11: IATSS Research Project Report Meeting

Prof. Nakamura made a project report on the research activities for roundabout implementation in Japan, at the Research Project Report Meeting of the International Association of Traffic Safety Sciences (IATSS).

April 6: Cherry-Brossom Viewing Party

Our lab held the annual Cerry-Brossom Viewing Party, under fully bloomed cherry-brossom trees at Heiwa-Park. We, not only current members including two new students from this April but also some alumni and their families, had a plecious time together.


March 25: The Graduation Ceremony and Party

Graduation ceremony was held in Nagoya University. Our member, Mr. Shiroshita got bachlor degree from the department of Civil Engineering. After the ceremony, we had a big graduation party and congulaturated the graduates together with all faculty members of Civil Engineering.
Prior to this graduation event, we held a farewell party for Mr. Shiroshita as well as Dr. Chen, who resigned our lab at the end of last February. Dr. Chen goes back to China and plans to continue his research activity. On behalf of Dr. Chen, we sincerely appreciate all of your great supports during his stay in Nagaoya. Thank you so much.


Good luck ;-)

February 12: Thesis Presentations

The final presentations of undergraduate students were held. Mr. Shiroshita (B4) presented his study results. Titles of his thesis is listed in this page

After converting a signalized intersection into a roundabout...

February 5: Press Relearse -Crossing Pedestrian Sensing Alert System-

Prof. NAkamura, Kictec Co., Ltd. and ORIENTAL CONSULTANTS Co., Ltd. cooperatively developed the system which alert drivers to crossing pedestrian/cyclists at unsignalized crosswalks for improving their safety. In this system, when sensors detect crossing pedestrian/cyclists at crosswalks, electric bulletin board and rivets start flushing to make drivers aware of that. Currently, this systems are implemented in Kouch-prefecture.

"Causion for crossing pedestrian"

January 27~28: Roundabout Summit in Iida, Nagano

"Roundabout Summit" was held in Iida-City, Nagano-Prefecture, Japan. The event includes some speeches on the state-of-the-art about the field diployment of roundabouts in Japan, and the site visit of two roundabouts in Iida-City. Prof. Nakamura made a speech on the overview and effects of roundabouts.

Prof. Nakamura's speech

January 12~16: 93rd TRB Annual Meeting

Prof. Nakamura and Ms. Kang (D3) attended Transportation Research Board 93rd Annual Meeting in Washington D.C., USA. To get more information about their presentations, please refer to this page.

Question?? Answer!!

January 1:Happy New Year

Happy New Year!! We sincerely wish happiness, pleasure and success for the whole world.

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